About Me

Here’s a hi to you, a random wordpress peruser, or a forced family friend who has to read my blog by default. Here’s a little bit about me. I am a junior at Bradley University, and I am studying nursing. I am 20 years old (mentally 6), love to binge watch parks n rec, eat fiber bars a little too often, troll twitter like its my job, and make inappropriate jokes at inappropriate times. I am in Kappa Delta and love being surrounded by people that help me grow as a person while making me laugh at the same time. I would be nothing without the support of my mom, who has made more sacrifices than anyone I know and deserves the world for all she’s done.

The reason I originally started this blog, or wordpress, or whatever you call it, is to get closer to God by writing. I became a Christian the summer after my Junior Year of high school. Since then, my faith has been up and down and honestly, like any other 20-something out there, I’m realizing life isn’t going exactly as planned. Even though God’s love is constant and His mercy drowns out my sins, sometimes I refrain from clinging to Him, even if He’s who I need the most. Some days I may write about my relationship with God, or gender equality, or trying to find peace and comfort with my body. My mind changes 1,327 times a day (exact #) and I’ve learned typing my words out onto a screen makes my thought process feel less like a game of scrabble than usual.

I hope when you stop by and read something I’ve written it may provoke a thought, turn you to Christ, or maybe even make you laugh. I don’t have it all figured out, and maybe I never will. But at least I’m trying, right?

God Bless


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